Dungeon Crawl Classics #51
Castle Whiterock

An Adventure that takes Characters from Level 1 to 15

The Greatest Dungeon Story Ever Told

"As the flame of my second life sputters and dims, I find myself thinking more and more on those heroes who, though we first met as enemies, granted me another opportunity to sip from life's cup. Great were their deeds and deep their wisdom, yet the tale of their adventures in Castle Whiterock has not been told: the helpless lives they saved and the wicked lives they ended, the diabolic ingenuity of their adversaries, the desperate moments when hope was faint, and their final victory over the terrible dragon Benthosruthsa."

"If I am granted sufficient time, I will see this amended. The world will know of the champions of Castle Whiterock."

-Koborth the Risen, General (retired)

Castle Whiterock is a complete campaign. This box holds more than 700 pages of material, enough to take new characters to 15th level and fuel a campaign for years. It contains:

  • Four books detailing the dungeon's 15 levels and 14 sub-levels, colored according to level: red book, blue book, green book, and black book. Every map location is fully described with stats included.
  • A 56-page gazetteer of the Kingdom of Morrain, including the town of Cillamar.
  • A 48-page book of maps.
  • A 32-page book of player handouts.
  • A poster map showing Cillamar on one side and the final two levels of the dungeon on the reverse.
  • Six loose-leaf character sheets of the pregenerated heroes, ready to play out of the box, plus one blank character sheet to copy for later use.
  • A 16-page index and glossary.
  • Gazetteer of Morrain: Castle Whiterock includes a gazetteer covering the Kingdom of Morrain. This 9-page preview shows you an overview of the Kingdom. (6MB PDF)
  • Introduction Chapter: Learn the history, layout, and major players of Castle Whiterock in this 25-page preview PDF. (2MB PDF)
  • Level 9: In this preview, we showcase an entire level of Castle Whiterock! (1MB PDF)
  • Maps: Download the 48-page book of maps to take a look at what's inside Castle Whiterock!
  • Handouts: This 32-page book of handouts will make it easier to provide your players with years of enjoyment from Castle Whiterock!
  • Silver Medal Winner, Best Cartography, 2008 Gen Con ENnie Awards
  • Nomination, Best Adventure, 2008 Gen Con ENnie Awards 
  • Gamer's Haven Podcast: Not a review, but an interview! Listen to the Gamer's Haven podcast from 10-13-07 for an intriguing interview with Castle Whiterock authors Chris Doyle and Adrian Pommier!
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  • RPGNow Staff Review, Peter Ingham: 5 stars. "This product is good, very good even. If you've liked similar products on the market, this one is as good or even better. As Dungeon Crawl Classics go, Castle Whiterock has parts in it that are far better than many of the single dungeon products in the DCC series. And it's fantastic value for money - this will most certainly keep a group of players entertained for a very long time." Read the full review!
  • RPGNow Staff Review, Nathan Collins: 5 stars. "Castle Whiterock is an epic endeavor that is the best adventuring product released by any company this year. The cost is quite reasonable considering the fact that you are getting 10 to 15 well crafted adventure that take no work at all to form a compelling campaign." Read the full review!
Rules Set: d20 v3.5.

Áereth Map Grid: TM13.

Writers: Chris Doyle and Adrian Pommier
Additional Writing: Harley Stroh and Jeff LaSala
Editors: Ken Hart, Aeryn Rudel
Developer: Harley Stroh
Cartographer: Jeremy Simmons
Cover Artist: William McAusland

GMG5050, 761 pages, boxed set, $99.99

Includes four books of adventure plus a gazetteer.

15 levels and 14 sub-levels await you!

Includes a poster map of Cillamar.

Prepare to enter -- Castle Whiterock!