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Final chance for Epsilon City – The Kickstarter for Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City ends September 1! Epsilon City is a new supplement by James M. Ward to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Metamorphosis Alpha. We’ve cleared several stretch goals already: there will be 64 pages of bonus material, free dice, and a box to contain it all! And there are cool add-ons you can only get through the Kickstarter (like color bands!) Pledge now and get in on this historic event.

DCC RPG third printing sold out – The third printing of the DCC RPG rulebook is now sold out. That means it's time for us to start working on the fourth printing! The third printing had the slipcover edition as well as the regular edition, and we want to do a special edition fourth printing as well. So we ask: What do YOU want in the 4th printing? Here are some of our ideas: thumb tabs like on a dictionary; spiral-bound stay-flat binding hidden inside the hardback binding; sewn-in ribbon bookmarks; gilded edges; perhaps an alternate cover. Which ideas do you like best? What else should we include?  Discuss in our forums and let us know what you want!

Previous Updates

August 24 - Gen Con Wrap-up – Gen Con was a smashing success for us this year. Thanks to everyone who helped with that!
  • Congratulations to the winners of the three tournaments we hosted! Check out the tournaments page to see the winners of Death By Nexus, Enter the Dagon, and the Xcrawl tourney.
  • The third printing of the DCC RPG core book is now completely sold out! The fourth printing will be coming soon!
  • Watch the “What’s New With Goodman Games?” seminar video for updates on various projects and announcements of new ones!

August 17 - DCC RPG in Spanish – We are excited to announce that DCC RPG is coming in Spanish thanks to Other Selves, a company that has already published a number of RPGs in Spanish. Clásicos del Mazmorreo will have a crowdfunding campaign starting in July 2016 and released in October 2016, with adventures to be published after that.

August 1 - Gen Con -- The Goodman Games crew survived another Gen Con! Thanks for all the great games. It was a pleasure to devour tiny portions of your souls meet you all! Watch this space in the near future for a more detailed Gen Con recap.

July 31 - Now in Stores -- Patrons of Lankhmar and Against the Atomic Overlord (the regular cover and the sketch cover) will be hitting stores this week. Visit your friendly local gaming store to purchase them!

July 27 - Gen Con New Releases! Find us at booth #525 this weekend at Gen Con to get these new releases!

Judges Guild:The Thieves
of Fortress Badabaskor

Metamorphosis Alpha:
Robots Among Us

Maximum Xcrawl:

DCC #88: The 998th 
Conclave of Wizards

DCC #88: The 998th Conclave
of Wizards, sketch cover

DCC Lankhmar:
Masks of Lankhmar

DCC #88.5:
Curse of the Kingspire

DCC #83.1: Tales of
the Shudder Mountains

DCC #84.1:
The Rock Awakens

DCC #77: The Croaking
Fane, sketch cover

DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless 
Sea, Artists Choice covers

DCC #87.5: Grimtooth's
Museum of Death

Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps
Collection (softcover)

GM Gems

The Monster Alphabet

Fifth Edition Fantasy #3:
Pillars of Pellagia

Fifth Edition Fantasy #4:

Fifth Edition Fantasy #5:
Into the Dragon's Maw

Gen Con 2015 Program Guide

July 24 - Gen Con Is Coming! Join us in Indianapolis July 30-Aug 2 for the best four days in gaming! This year we’ve got more game events than ever, including the 0-level DCC RPG tournament “Death by Nexus”, the new DCC RPG spell duel tournament “Enter the Dagon”, and the annual Xcrawl tournament. Learn the secrets of the great writers in our seminar “How To Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck” and hear our plans for the future in the “What’s New With Goodman Games?” seminar. Meet your favorite Goodman Games artists and writers: Friday from 11-12 and Saturday from 1-2 is “Artist-palooza” at the Goodman Games booth, and Friday from 1-2 is “Writer-palooza”. All this and tons of exciting new products! Stop by booth #525…the Dark Master wants to infect meet every one of you.

July 20 - Judges Guild Collector’s Edition update: All the scans have finally been completed, and layout will start next month. Progress is being made, and you can expect the Kickstarter for this project to happen late this year. In the meantime, take a look at some samples of pages before and after the cleanup process!

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